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Jason Momoa Almost Quit Acting to Become a Shusher Video

Jason Momoa Almost Quit Acting to Become a Professional Shusher, and We're Glad He Didn't

Yep, Jason Momoa nearly quit his job as an actor to become a professional shusher. In an interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday evening, Jason recalled that after struggling to find work and moving into a trailer park "not too long ago," he decided to explore other career options with the help of his bartender friend. "They wouldn't let me be a bouncer, but I was actually the guy that stayed outside in Santa Monica and kept everyone quiet as they came out from the club at two in the morning," the Aquaman star explained.

Jason went on to say that fans who recognised him from his past performances, like his role in Baywatch, wouldn't take him seriously, making the job even more difficult. "You could shush me in my own house and I would be quiet," James replied after jokingly calling Jason a "glorified librarian," and we have to agree, you don't mess with Khal Drogo. Watch the full video above to hear Jason's hilarious story.

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