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Jordyn Woods, Karl-Anthony Towns Score in GQ's Couples Quiz

I've Never Seen Anyone Crush a Couples Quiz Like Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns recently participated in a couples quiz for GQ, and wow, they know so much about each other. The Minnesota Timberwolves player set the bar high, telling cameras he planned to "make history," adding, "I always knew when I watch all these couples quizzes . . . if I get up there, Imma kill it!" And yes he did! Karl-Anthony had an impressive knowledge about Jordyn regarding everything from her first on-camera role with Will Smith to her zodiac sign and her favourite accessory. Ultimately, Karl-Anthony got a 14 out of 14 like a true athlete.

When it was Jordyn's turn to ask Karl-Anthony questions, she nailed it when it came to remembering her boyfriend's college and basketball coach, naming his favourite colour, and listing all the forms of chicken he enjoys, including "chicken wings, breaded chicken, grilled chicken, chicken fried, baked, seasoned, saucy, boneless." My favourite question was when Karl-Anthony asked who his best friend was and Jordyn pointed to herself. "I knew your ass was gonna say that!" he joked, before she added, "Obviously me and probably Kaitlin." Jordyn ended up scoring a 19 out of 20, but that's because Karl-Anthony gave her many bonus points. Watch the video above, and prepare to laugh.

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