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Kaz Crossley Shares Video Update on Her Thailand Mission

Kaz Crossley Is on a Mission to Spread Positivity, Starting With Thailand

Former Love Island contestant Kaz Crossley is on a mission. A mission to spread positivity and love no matter where she goes, starting with Isaan, Thailand. In April 2021, Crossley visited an area of rural Thailand and after following the lives of the kids training at the local Muay Thai training club, she decided that she wanted to help.

"After watching these Instagram stories during my self isolation, in this big ass villa whilst these kids literally have nothing, I had to do something," she wrote on Instagram. "I can help out whilst being here, but I also want to help them long term. I want to help raise money to build a gym with a home for them on the plot of land they bought already with the money they have raised by themselves."

Crossley then announced that she'd be fundraising to support a housing development project in the area, aiming to build a brand-new gym and home community for the at-risk kids and staff of the club, Wor. Watthana. In September 2021, Crossley shared that her fundraiser had resulted in an impressive total of £85,000, and that the first phase of the project was already underway. On 10 Jan., Crossley shared a further update on the project, this time with a video that showcased the house that had been built and detailing the positive impact that it would have on the community.

"Social media at the moment is so negative, like I just feel like everyone's trying to bring people down," she began. "I realise now, it's our job to spread the love and spread positive news. If you donated to this cause, if you donated £5, £3, even £1, send this video to your friends and tell everyone what you contributed to."

Crossley continued "the journey here is not finished. We made it permanent, and now I want to make it sustainable. I want to build volunteer housing for them, that's going to allow visitors to come, give them an income, I'll talk more about it with you guys in a bit, but right now I just want to say thank you."

As Crossley explained, there's plenty more to be done, and another fundraiser has been kickstarted in order to help the continual development of the area. To get involved and donate, check out the campaign on Go Get Funding's website.

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Spicer
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