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Watch Kelly Clarkson Struggle to Recall Meghan Markle's Name

Watch Kelly Clarkson Struggle to Recall Meghan Markle's Name: "I Know This One"

Sometimes the most obvious answer can be the hardest one to conjure — at least that's what we're assuming happened when Kelly Clarkson totally blanked on Meghan Markle's name during a recent appearance The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While promoting her new daytime talk show, the singer was quizzed on various celebrities and had to come up with a few questions for each. For some reason, Kelly got a little stuck on one of the — if not the — most famous women right now.

"Mhm. I know this one! She's a princess," Kelly said after being prompted with a photo of the Duchess of Sussex. She added, "Oh, she was on Suits. I love Suits. I don't know why she doesn't look like a Meghan to me. Maybe I'll ask her about that." We imagine there are plenty of other questions Kelly would like to ask Meghan, too. Watch the funny segment above.

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