Nina Dobrev and Her Dog Wore Matching Costumes, and You Bet It Was "UniCORNY"

Last year, I ordered my dog a lion's mane for what I thought would be a quick and easy Halloween costume for my 2-year-old Shetland Sheepdog until he attacked it like Simba's prey. This year, I went with a slick button-up Hawaiian shirt and a lei that he then enjoyed as dessert. You get where I'm going here — Halloween costumes and my dog just don't get along very well, which is why I was insanely impressed when I saw Nina Dobrev's recent matching costume with her adorable dog Maverick.

After wowing us with her creative A Star Is Born costume days prior, and taking the holiday by storm last year, we had high expectations, but the fact that she got Maverick to happily transform into a colourful unicorn deserves serious praise. Well, "happily" might be an overstatement. Nina documented their entire costume reveal on both her and Maverick's Instagram Stories, and by the look of Maverick's face, she's thiiiiiis close to handling it the way my dog did.

Regardless, they make a really cute unicorn duo, and I'm officially unimpressed by my costume-eating dog. Read on to see their sweet photos together and all the colourful footage Nina documented on social media.