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Pamela Anderson Recalls Her Son's Time at Playboy Mansion

Pamela Anderson Recalls Bringing Her Son to the Playboy Mansion: "Ew, Let's Get Out of Here"

From "Baywatch" star to magician's assistant, Pamela Anderson has lived many lives. The pop culture icon recently offered some insight into her son's perspectives on her "wild and crazy life" during a 31 Jan. appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Anderson also spoke about how her oldest son, Brandon Thomas Lee, played a role in the making of her new documentary, "Pamela, a Love Story."

"He made the deals," Anderson said of her 26-year-old son, who was a producer on the Netflix documentary that premiered on 31 Jan. "He wanted me to do it. He said, 'Mom it's time for you to tell your story.'"

"He's kind of seen a lot in life."

Anderson said one of the first steps in the production process involved going through her archives (including her diary) with Brandon. To Kimmel's surprise, Anderson was more than willing to revisit her explicit history with him. "He's my kid. He's Tommy's kid. He's kind of seen a lot in life. There's nothing shocking. There's nothing in my diary that's gonna change his opinion of me," she said. "Life has shocked him. Poor kid. Both boys," she replied, referring to her other son with Tommy Lee, Dylan Jagger Lee.

Anderson and Lee made many headlines in the '90s, both before and after their sex tape leaked. The couple first broke up in 1998, a couple years after welcoming their sons into the world, but reconnected in 2008. They went on to split again in 2010. Anderson's documentary, as well as her memoir "Love, Pamela," were inspired by her desire to reclaim her own story and take control of the narrative after "Pam and Tommy," which Anderson told Variety, "poured salt on the wound" of their sex-tape theft.

In her late-night appearance, Anderson also recalled a much younger Brandon coming to understand more about the Playboy Mansion. "I used to take my kids to the Playboy Mansion for Easter," Anderson told Kimmel. "I was getting the car from valet and Brandon comes running up just in terror and he goes, 'Mom, do you know what Hef does for a living?' and I was like, 'Oh jeez,' and he said, 'He takes pictures of naked girls.' I said 'Ew, let's get out of here,'" she shared, laughing.

Watch the full clip above for a deeper dive into the many eras of Anderson, and her family's perspective on her life.

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