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Rihanna Has Caviar For Breakfast After Fenty Perfume Sellout

No Disrespect to Mona Lisa, but Rihanna Eating Caviar For Breakfast Belongs in the Louvre

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 17: ***South Korea Out*** Rihanna attends an event for 'FENTY BEAUTY' artistry beauty talk with Rihanna at Lotte World Tower on September 17, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage) Image Source: Getty / Han Myung-Gu / WireImage

If the Louvre Museum's art director is seeking new pieces to exhibit, I'd like to suggest Rihanna's latest Instagram gallery for consideration. On Tuesday, the 33-year-old icon shared several triptych-worthy photos of herself eating a luxurious breakfast that puts even the highest stack of syrup-doused pancakes to shame: caviar. No crackers. No toasted bread. Just fish roe served over ice and scooped up with a tiny spoon. As Lizzo aptly commented on the post, it's the definition of "rich b*tch sh*t," and we love it.

Rihanna chose the pricey delicacy to celebrate the successful launch of Fenty Beauty's new perfume, which serendipitously sold out online just a few days after her billionaire status was revealed. She enjoyed her unconventional morning meal in bed wearing a hoodie and sunglasses while snuggled up in sheets that are undoubtedly no less than 500 thread count. Of course, she couldn't resist documenting the sumptuous moment with a mini photo shoot, perhaps captured by her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, although I cannot confirm or deny this conjecture despite my best efforts to zoom in on all reflective surfaces in each picture.

Rihanna isn't just the poster child of modern-day opulence in these snaps — she's the embodiment of working your a** off and taking time to enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your labors. Keep it up, RiRi, and if you have time between caviar bites, an update on that album would be much appreciated.

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