Ryan Reynolds Jokes That His House Is a "Zoo" After Welcoming Baby No. 4 With Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's newest little one has finally arrived, and now they're settling into life as a newly expanded family of six. On 12 Feb., the "Gossip Girl" alum subtly revealed that she'd given birth to the pair's fourth child after she posted a Super Bowl Sunday photo on Instagram sans her baby bump. A day later, Reynolds gave an update on baby number four during a virtual appearance on CNBC's "Power Lunch," where he shared that the couple are "very excited" about their new baby.

"I think if we hadn't figured it out by now, I think we'd be in deep, deep trouble."

"Look, we wouldn't do this four times if we didn't love it," he told hosts Tyler Mathisen and Kelly Evans. "Everybody's doing great. Everybody's actually doing fantastic. I think if we hadn't figured it out by now, I think we'd be in deep, deep trouble."

Reynolds also joked that his house looks like a "zoo" right now with their newest arrival joining him and Lively's three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3. "This is my office here," he noted from his family home, "and to be honest I'll probably spend the rest of my life in here!"

No other details about the couple's fourth baby have been revealed yet, and the "Deadpool 3" actor didn't share whether they had welcomed a boy or a girl. "I ain't telling," he said with a laugh. "This ain't a birth announcement!"

On 15 Sept., 2022, Lively revealed her fourth pregnancy at the Forbes Power Women's Summit, and leading up to the baby's birth, Reynolds shared how excited his girls were to have another sibling in the house. "They're in. They love it, they're ready," he said in a 17 Nov., 2022, interview with Entertainment Tonight. Reynolds also voiced his own enthusiasm, saying, "You know, you'd have to be a moron to do this four times if you didn't like it. It's gonna be nuts, but we're very excited."

During his appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on 21 Nov., 2022, the actor was asked how he and Lively were preparing. "The first one you get, you know, everything's like perfect, and you just set up everything and everything's sterilized. By the fourth, you're just like, 'Oh, right, this is happening. This is happening. I should sweep or something,'" he joked. "Yeah, not so much preparation is happening. Now, I shouldn't speak for my wife because she's in it to win it right now; she's ready. And we're very excited."

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"I'm a girl dad, I'm used to that."

Before then, Reynolds revealed during a 7 Nov., 2022, appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" that having another child has finally forced him to consider whether it's time to cut back on some of his stunt work. "I've been doing action movies for 25 years, I've broken 12 bones, I just had a seventh surgery, and you know, kids though, they beat you up," Reynolds told Fallon. "I'm rethinking doing stunts now because I'm starting to realise, like, I wanna be able to still be active with my kids and stuff," he said, describing how he tosses his girls up in the air, especially his youngest, Betty. "I can throw her high in the air, and she loves it," he added. "The problem is I can't catch her anymore. That's the biggest issue I'm facing at the moment."

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The actor also admitted that he's still holding out for another girl. "We never find out. We always wait until they come down the chute," said Reynolds, whose preference stems from growing up with three brothers. "I'm kind of hoping for a girl 'cause I know . . . I'm a bit of a hen myself, I know girls, I'm a girl dad, I'm used to that, I'm ready for that." He added, "If history has taught us anything, [it's that] if I have a son, one day my life will be taken by that son."

Hopefully, Reynolds's next baby number four update will be a name or even a first photo.