It's the End of an Era! Taylor Swift Ends Her Reputation Stadium Tour on a High Note

After touring the world, dancing in the pouring rain, and selling out stadiums, Taylor Swift marked the end of an era as she concluded her Reputation Stadium Tour in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday night. The singer certainly lived up to her "big reputation" as she gave a show-stopping show at the Tokyo Dome, but one of the best moments had to be her impassioned speech to her fans.

Before singing "Long Live" on the piano, Taylor thanked her dedicated Swifties for their unwavering support of these past few years. "I'm so lucky you care about anything I create, whether it be music or a stage show," she said. "Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for coming to be a part of my life. I love you." As Taylor closes a chapter in her life with the end of her tour and her switch to Republic Records and Universal Music Group, we definitely can't wait to see how she will top this era with her next album!