Taylor Swift Played Her Entire Set in the Rain, and the Photos From the Concert Are Amazing

Taylor Swift danced in the rain with 82,500 of her closest friends on Saturday. The recent show during her Reputation tour took place at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey over the weekend, and it happened to be a stormy night at the outdoor venue. That certainly didn't stop the 28-year-old from performing her entire set in the rain and giving it as much energy as her previous shows. Her fans didn't seem to mind, either — in fact, they loved it. "Seeing Taylor Swift in the pouring rain is something you didn't know was on your bucket list until it happens," one attendee wrote on Twitter.

Witnessing Taylor sing "Fearless" and "Clean" in the rain is something thousands of people won't soon forget. Even if you didn't see the concert in person, you'll agree the photos of a drenched Taylor clutching her microphone and guitar for a poncho-clad audience are pretty epic. Watch her shake it off and dance in a storm in her best dress as the rain came pouring down — sorry, had to!