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Zac Efron Busts Grandpa Out of Senior Living Home | Video

Zac Efron Goes Into Mission Impossible Mode to Bust His Grandpa Out of Senior Living Home

Image Source: Getty Images / Lev Radin

Zac Efron's 93-year-old grandpa is his partner in crime. The High School Musical actor recently pulled off his own spy film moment in an effort to "bust" his grandpa Hal out of a senior living home. The end goal? They wanted to watch the Euro Cup together for a nail-biting night of fun on 11 July, which Zac naturally documented on Instagram. Dylan, Zac's brother, also came along to play cameraman for the epic family adventure.

Zac and his grandpa share a sweet bond. Zac calls Hal his "hero" and clearly loves to spend time with him. We'd love to see grandpa Hal take on the big screen next! Watch the clip below to see the adorable moment from start to finish.

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