Zendaya Introduced a Transgender Teen to Hunter Schafer, and Yep, It Was Emotional

It's not every day that you're able to personally video chat with one of your idols, but a chance encounter with Zendaya recently changed all of that for a transgender Euphoria fan who got the surprise of her life over the weekend. On Nov. 15, a Twitter user shared a video of Zendaya bumping into a young fan of the HBO drama. According to the tweet, 13-year-old Noa Levine approached Zendaya after spotting her out at a restaurant, and told her that her costar in the HBO drama, Hunter Schafer (who is also transgender), is one of her biggest inspirations. Instead of relaying the message back to her onscreen BFF, Zendaya decided to call Hunter on the spot so Noa could speak to her herself.

"So zendaya facetimed hunter because the girl is trans and said hunter was an inspiration to her through euphoria and zendaya wanted to connect the 2 of them so she could tell hunter herself," the tweet reads. In the video, which has since gone viral, Noa can be seen getting super emotional while chatting with Hunter via FaceTime. "I have to be dreaming, like someone has to wake me up. This can't be real," she says while Hunter, on the other end of the phone, responds, "I'm so happy you called. I'm so happy to meet you."

Hunter's role as Jules on Euphoria made her one of this year's biggest breakout stars, and she's been a source of inspiration to many young fans. After her encounter with both stars went viral, Noa took to her Instagram to share a few photos that were taken during their chat. "11-15-19 the day my only dream in life came true I meet my superhero I'm shaking and sobbing as I write this I'm speech less," she wrote.