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Alicia Keys and James Corden "Shallow" Cover Parody Video

Alicia Keys and James Corden Hit ALL the Right Notes During Their "Shallow" Parody Cover

When Alicia Keys stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden on Wednesday, she and Corden delighted viewers everywhere by teaming up to cover "Shallow" — well, sort of. Together the two remixed the hit song from A Star Is Born, swapping out the real lyrics for ones about Keys' upcoming Grammys hosting gig — and two stars were born indeed.

Corden begins their parody by singing, "Tell me something Keys. I hear you're set to host this year's Grammys," to which the 38-year-old artist croons back, "Didn't you host it twice? Maybe you could give me some advice." Shortly after Corden rattles off some of his pointers, Keys slips in a line from her iconic song, "Girl Is on Fire," sending the crowd into a round of applause. Watch their entire performance above, and you'll instantly become a Keys-Corden stan. Now, can these two actually cover the real "Shallow"?

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