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Alyssa Raghu Ariana Grande Audition For American Idol Video

Watch the Stunning American Idol Audition That Blew All the Judges Away

Alyssa Raghu could not have picked a better song for her American Idol audition. The 15-year-old singer from Orlando, FL, belted out Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough" in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie during the reboot's premiere on Sunday night, and her voice left all three judges in awe. "All of my hairs on my legs, I have to go and shave my legs now. They just grew an inch and a half, because I full-body felt what you were singing," Perry joked with the young hopeful. "I'm a believer in you!"

There were plenty of incredible auditions throughout the night, but few were as simultaneously delicate and powerful as Alyssa's take on the jazzy track. She even dedicated the performance to her "ride or die" and "best friend," her father, which added another sweet layer to the already-beautiful rendition of the song. Looks like Kelly Ripa has some competition!

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