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Amazon Alexa Super Bowl Commercial 2018

Everyone Is Talking About Cardi B's Super Bowl Ad, But We're Distracted by Gordon Ramsay

Do you ever look at your Amazon Echo and wish that Alexa had a bit more personality? Like, instead of calmly saying, "OK, now playing songs by The Weeknd from Spotify in the bedroom," perhaps she could exclaim: "OKURRRRR, girlfriend, I know what you're up to!" Well, that's a reality that Amazon's star-studded Super Bowl commercial wants you to imagine — if Alexa lost her voice and needed a little help from some famous friends. Between Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, and the ever-charming Gordon Ramsay, the range of potential Alexa personalities in the ad is downright hilarious.

Though the commercial isn't actually promising celebrity voices for your Echo, fans would definitely spring for a new device if it meant having their favorite stars as household assistants.

Except Anthony Hopkins, perhaps. Westworld and Silence of the Lambs taught people better than to trust his voice.

Press play above to watch the full commercial before it airs during the Super Bowl, then see how it compares to the other celebrity-packed commercial that's breaking the internet.

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