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Aquaman Honest Trailer

The Honest Trailer For Aquaman Calls Out Jason Momoa's Smoulder, but We're Not Complaining

It's been three months since Aquaman made a splash in theatres, and already Jason Momoa fans find themselves wanting more. There's still a loooong wait before the sequel drops in 2022, but in the meantime, viewers can get their fix through Screen Junkies's hilarious "honest trailer."

From the ill-fitting wigs to the Game of Thrones-style storyline, this humourous take will make even the most devoted Aquamaniacs chuckle. Plus, it includes over 10 seconds straight of a Momoa smoulder montage. Who could really complain? Watch the full video above to relive the funniest parts of Waterboy Aquaman, and thank your lucky stars for every overwhelming detail — including that musical octopus.

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