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Avengers: Endgame Good Morning America Clip

Captain Marvel Is More Than Ready to Take Down Thanos in the First Avengers: Endgame Clip

We are so close to the April 26 premiere of Avengers: Endgame that I wouldn't be shocked if Marvel stopped dropping trailers and images just to ensure that no one gets the scoop on what we can expect before the film drops. But the studio loves to surprise us and did just that by dropping the first official clip from Endgame via Good Morning America on April 8. And even though the clip is barely more than a minute long, it's enough to get our wheels turning.

The brief clip takes place sometime after the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene where Carol Danvers appears in the Avengers compound. In it, Carol, Natasha, Steve, Thor, Bruce, and Rhodey seem to be looking over a hologram of the Earth. Natasha explains that Thanos has used the stones again (but to do what is the real question) and Carol is immediately ready to go down there and smash him up. As much as I respect her desire to just dive in and kick ass right away, the rest of the Avengers should definitely know better than to go in without a real plan. Bruce says as much, and Rhodey agrees, reminding everyone that Thanos still has all the Infinity Stones, virtually making him unstoppable.

Carol has Natasha and Steve on board (not a shock from the guy who could "do this all day"), but Rhodey essentially tells her to slow her roll, asking where she's been this whole time. But Carol manages to hide her massive eyeroll and explains that it's a big universe out there and she's been busy. (So apparently she can't time travel, she's just been preoccupied battling the Kree empire all these years.) After all, this is the first time that there's been a threat on a universal level. The Avengers are supposed to be able to handle their planet's issues!

The clip ends with that already-classic brotastic moment between Carol and Thor, and we're left to wonder exactly what happens after. Now we know that the rag-tag team of Earth's defenders make an attempt to go after Thanos soon after everything goes down, but from what we've seen of the trailer it can't be their only try. We'll have to wait and see how the Avengers pull this off (and how many tries it takes) when Endgame premieres on April 26!

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