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Is The Bachelor's Colton Underwood Still a Virgin?

Try Not to Cringe as You Watch Jimmy Kimmel Teach The Bachelor's Colton About Sex

Colton Underwood's run as fourth runner-up on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette wasn't memorable only for his messy love triangle with Bachelor in Paradise's Tia Booth, but also for his honest confession that he's still a virgin. Since he was eliminated just before going into the Fantasy Suites with Becca, and we assume he didn't hook up with Tia on BIP in, um, that way, the stakes are higher than usual for the 26-year-old former NFL player, who will head into season 23 of The Bachelor looking for his one true love.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show on Wednesday night, he told the host that he's not necessarily waiting for marriage. "I'm just waiting for the right person, the right heart, and I put a lot of value in it," he admitted. Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately) for Colton, Jimmy took it upon himself to teach the reality star about the birds and the bees. "I wanted to help Colton," Jimmy joked. "He's never done it and I have, a lot. I'm really good at it, actually."

He began by asking Colton if he even knows what sex is, to which he responded, "I have an idea. You know, I think when a man loves a woman then they go into the bedroom." Jimmy then made sure to clarify. "Doesn't have to be the bedroom, could be a car, could be an lift, could be the Fantasy Suite," he explained. "My wife's parents conceived her on the kitchen table."

Once that TMI wrapped up, Jimmy showed Colton a few diagrams of the male and female reproductive systems, and we tried not to pass out from secondhand embarrassment. Check out the cringey clip above!

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