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Batwoman TV Show Trailer

The First Trailer For Batwoman Is Here, and Just a Warning: It's Empowering AF

The first trailer for CW's upcoming show Batwoman is here, and it's pretty much everything you could have hoped for. In the 3-minute clip, we see Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) reflect on her military days when she and another woman had a romance. But it looks as though her former love interest is in danger in the present-day, and Kate — the first LGBTQ+ superhero lead in a series — is going to assume the Batwoman persona to stop the Gotham City villains. Cue the action-packed montage of Batwoman knocking men to the floor!

We first saw Rose at Batwoman back in October when the CW released a new poster of the crime-fighter. We knew then she'd be a cool character, but when she made her official debut appearance in the Elseworlds crossover with The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, it was confirmed: Batwoman is a freakin' badass. The show will premiere in the US in October, and while no exact date has been set for the UK, we'll be here, waiting (im)patiently.

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