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Best Friends Episodes

The One With the 10 Friends Episodes That Make Me Laugh My Ass Off Every Time

Best Friends Episodes
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If there was ever a show I was devoted to watching in my high school years, Friends is hands-down at the top of the list. The sitcom, which followed the lives of a tight-knit crew in New York City, wasn't exactly relatable during my teenage years, but I can appreciate it even more after having lived in New York myself in my early 20s and navigated things like the challenges of dating in the city or how to keep your social life afloat when your friends make way more money than you do.

It's been 15 years since the show's series finale aired in 2004, and even though I watched every single episode before it ended its run, it's still one of those shows I'll never get tired of watching. (And good news there: it's streaming on Netflix.) It's hard to narrow the best episodes down to 10, but read on to see which ones I still can't get enough of. From many of Ross's embarrassing moments to examples of Monica's competitive streak, I bet anything you'll be quoting lines from these memorable scenes before the clips even end.

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