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Books Like The Hunger Games

12 Dystopian Books to Read If You Couldn't Put Down The Hunger Games

Books Like The Hunger Games
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There's a soft spot in our hearts for Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence in Lionsgate's adaptation of The Hunger Games, but we definitely shouldn't forget about Suzanne Collins's dystopian novel that started the entire franchise. It's a page-turner of a book about the society of Panem, where teenagers called tributes are forced to enlist in a high-stakes televised fight to the death called the Hunger Games.

While it might be overlooked as a young adult series, The Hunger Games actually discusses important themes like inequality and consumerism. It also features Katniss Everdeen as its protagonist, a strong female character's who is as tough as she is vulnerable.

If you can really appreciate Suzanne Collins's themes and characters, you'll enjoy the following books, which range from dystopian teen series like Divergent to classroom classics like Lord of the Flies.

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