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Boston College Hogwarts Acceptance Video 2018

This College Knows That Students REALLY Want Hogwarts Letters, So It Did . . . This

Sure, getting into college is cool . . . but let's be real. What millennials and Gen Z-ers really want out of life is acceptance to the only academic institution that truly matters: the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Apparently, the folks at Boston College both recognise and support this, because they admitted the incoming freshman class of 2022 with a video worthy of Harry Potter and his Hogwarts peers.

Considering the fact that Boston College's library has been casually referred to as "the Harry Potter library" for years, it makes for perfect wizarding world fodder in the admissions video when bedecked with faux floating candles. The rest of the video is just as magical — think moving newspaper photos, eagles delivering mail, studying by lamplight, and the iconic movie score that will give you chills.

Watch the video above, and it'll fill you with a weird mix of envy, nostalgia, and wistfulness . . . back in my day, we only got a plain ol' letter! With an admissions video that sets the bar like this, we've got exceptionally high hopes for the class of 2022.

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