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Castle Rock TV Show Details

Bill Skarsgard Has a New Stephen King Project Coming, and It Looks Absolutely Chilling

If American Horror Story and Lost had a baby, and then that baby had another baby with Stephen King, it would probably look something like Hulu's upcoming TV series, Castle Rock. The drama is from executive producer J.J. Abrams and the twisted mind of King, who's been using the fictional town of Castle Rock as a setting for a number of his novels over the years (The Dead Zone, Doctor Sleep, Revival). Although a few specifics about the show are still under wraps, we do have some ideas about where it's headed and who we'll see on screen.

Judging from the latest trailer, above, the series will intertwine characters and themes from King's body of work. The exact plot is still just a little murky, but here's what goes down in the new footage: Henry Deaver (Moonlight's André Holland) arrives in the fictional town after getting "a call from Shawshank" prison (the very same from King's The Shawshank Redemption) and is later seen speaking to a mysterious inmate there (It's Bill Skarsgard), who magically appears in a cell one night without any of the prison guards knowing how. While investigating the eerie appearance — it looks like it could potentially involve a suicide — Henry bumps into other odd people in the town: Ruth Deaver (played by Sissy Spacek), Molly Strand (Melanie Lynskey), Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn), and more.

Obviously the show boasts a rock-solid cast (pun intended), so we're even more excited for it to arrive on Hulu on July 25. In the meantime, watch the new trailer above, as well as the first creepy teasers below.

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