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Chris Evans' Tweet on Keanu Reeves Toy Story Recording Video

Even Chris Evans Can't Help but Fanboy Over This Clip of Keanu Reeves in Toy Story 4

It's no secret that Marvel star Chris Evans is a huge fan of everything Disney. The 38-year-old actor has never been shy about hiding his love for the mega-studio's movies and parks — and not just because he's part of a major franchise in the business. So, with the imminent release of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 getting closer, it's no shock that he'd take to Twitter with his enthusiasm for one of the newest additions to the franchise: Keanu Reeves.

Everyone's new favourite boyfriend — though honestly we've had our eyes on him for ages — joins the Toy Story franchise as a Canadian daredevil and motorcycle-obsessed toy named Duke Caboom. In a video released in June, the 54-year-old actor is among the several actors shown doing a bit of voice-recording behind-the-scenes, and even while hard at work, he's hard not to love. "[I'm] Duke Caboom, Canada's greatest stuntman," he reads as he strikes up dramatic poses for the upcoming animated film.

The video was posted to Twitter by a Reeves' fansite and the Avengers: Endgame star retweeted it saying, "If they just released 2 hours of this and called it Toy Story 4, I'd probably still see it at least twice in the theatres."

We can't lie, we totally agree with him. Watch Keanu at work above (his appearance begins at 8:12), as well as the other actors bringing our favourite toys (as well as some new ones) to life when Toy Story 4 hits cinemas on June 21.

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