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Dark Phoenix Trailer

The New Dark Phoenix Trailer Is 1 Big Spoiler Alert

A new trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix has landed, and it seems to finally seals the fate of one of the X-Men universe's most popular characters. In a surprising decision, the new clip reveals a spoiler as to whose funeral we glimpsed in the first trailer. We get a closer look at Sophie Turner as a young Jean Grey, trying to fight a new force which makes her infinitely more powerful but also incredibly dangerous, but we also see what looks like her final face-off against Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique.

The clip also shows the X-Men trying to stay united as they face Jean's ever-growing powers. We see a host of familiar faces, including James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. We also get a closer look at Jessica Chastain's character, who has yet to be named. Take a look at this new trailer above before the film hits cinemas on June 7, 2019.

The first trailer:

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