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Is There an End Credits Scene in A Quiet Place?

A Quiet Place Has No End Credits Scene, but You're Not Going to Want to Leave Your Seat

A QUIET PLACE, Emily Blunt, 2018. ph: Jonny Cournoyer /  Paramount /Courtesy Everett Collection

These days, it's far rarer to find a film that doesn't have an after-the-credits scene than one that does. Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC franchises over at Warner Bros., and even the Fast and Furious films, squeezing in some bonus content after the credits start to roll is par for the course. If you're wondering if John Krasinski's horror movie masterpiece A Quiet Place has one as well, allow us to spoil this tiny tidbit for you: nope, it doesn't. And believe us, that's a good thing.

The thrilling sci-fi horror flick opens with an incredibly tense scene, and it only gets more terrifying with each passing moment. The film follows a couple (Krasinski and real-life wife Emily Blunt) trying to raise their two children in a future ravaged by deadly aliens that hunt by sound. While the family is still able to function somewhat normally (eating dinner together, going into town, playing board games), they live with the constant threat that the creatures could kill them at any moment if so much as a pin drops. The characters live life in near-permanent silence, which is an effective way to ensure you're on the edge of your seat at all times.

After spending an hour and a half flooded with dread, praying that Krasinski and Blunt's characters will be able to protect their children and survive themselves, adding in a scene after the credits would be overkill. Not only that, but the film ends on a superb cliffhanger — we don't need another scene to cheapen the moment, or tell us how the story ends.

If you watch A Quiet Place and find yourself wishing there had been a postcredits scene after all, maybe you'll get lucky and the potential sequel will include one.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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