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Funny Tweets and Memes About Blake on Bachelor in Paradise

So, Can We All Agree That Blake Is the Biggest F*ckboy EVER on Bachelor in Paradise?

Funny Tweets and Memes About Blake on Bachelor in Paradise
Image Source: ABC

Blake Horstmann is learning the hard way that his actions have consequences. While Bachelor in Paradise always has its fair share of love triangles and messy drama, Blake is raising the bar, and landing himself at the centre of love "pentagon," as we're calling it. Despite being considered one of the nice guys during Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette, Blake is starting off Paradise as one of the biggest f*ckboys the franchise has ever seen.

Let's break down what viewers learn during the Paradise premiere: Blake and Caelynn had been talking for months earlier this year, then he ghosted her, then they rekindled during Stagecoach Festival at the end of April where they slept together. During their night together, he told Caelynn that he slept with fellow contestant Kristina Schulman the night before. Also while in bed with Caelynn, Blake was openly messageing Hannah G. on Instagram and telling Caelynn how hot Tayshia is. I mean, if that doesn't scream f*ckboy, I'm not sure what does. Of course, all four of the gorgeous girls are in Mexico for the sixth season of the show with Blake's actions coming right back to haunt him.

With Blake using the first date card on Tayshia instead of Hannah G., Caelynn harboring this secret about her past with Blake, and Kristina coming in to Paradise when all of this is going down, it's guaranteed to be one dramatic season. Ahead, see the hilarious reactions to Blake's love pentagon, and let's all clap it up for Kristina who said she's going to "make Blake my b*tch."

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