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Game of Thrones Cast Goodbyes

The Cryptic Game of Thrones Farewells Have Finally Begun to Arrive

Game of Thrones Cast Goodbyes

We still have a ways to go until the eighth season of Game of Thrones hits TV screens, but production is slowly winding down. As the cast and crew check off each and every last moment (they just finished a huge battle back in April!), all we can do is sit tight and wonder what might go down. Luckily, there is one place we can look to piece things together: Instagram. Many a cryptic hiatus post has come to light as season eight production chugs along, but more recently, something else has been cropping up here and there: goodbye posts.

That's right — as our favourite stars film their final scenes, they're pouring their thoughts out in captions and snaps, and we're doing our best to eke each and every spoiler out of the whole situation. Take Maisie Williams, for example, who posted a snap in early July. With the hashtag "#lastwomanstanding," we couldn't help but wonder if she was slyly hinting at Arya's triumph. Her post along with Nathalie Emmanuel's and Emilia Clarke's are only just the beginning. We assume. Let's review all the goodbyes so far.

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