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James Corden When Harry Met Sally Parody Video

OMG: James Corden and Billy Crystal Recreated When Harry Met Sally's Most Iconic Scene

Well, here's something I never thought I'd watch in my lifetime: James Corden and Billy Crystal recreating When Harry Met Sally's most iconic, eyebrow-raising scene, with Corden in the role of Meg Ryan. But alas, here we all are!

In a sketch on The Late Late Show on Tuesday, Corden and Crystal stop by a diner and get to chatting over lunch. Crystal assures the talk show host that he's a great late night guest, and that all hosts enjoy having him on their programs because of how much he makes them laugh.

"Some guests, frankly they think they're way more interesting than they really are," says Corden, seated across from Crystal in the restaurant.

"Talk show hosts love having me on as a guest," Crystal responds, before Corden asks, "How do you know?"

Just like Harry and Sally do in the Rob Reiner-directed rom-com, the pair get to talking about "faking it," and Corden helpfully demonstrates his most genuine fake laugh. Of course, make sure you watch until the very end of the sketch, because Corden recruited a very special guest to utter the scene's famous closing line:

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