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Jess and Gabriel "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Music Video

The Inspiration Behind This "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Cover Is Incredibly Beautiful

There are already a ton of amazing holiday songs and albums out in anticipation of December, but this gorgeous cover of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" just shot to the top of our list.

Married couple Jess and Gabriel Conte — YouTubers and musicians with almost 3 million subscribers — decided to record a lovely, slightly sad rendition of the iconic holiday song for a pretty incredible reason. Despite the fact that the pair already tied the knot a year and a half ago, Jess is an Australian who is still stuck in the process of getting her US citizenship. That means she can't go home to Australia to visit her family for the holidays, because if she leaves the US, she might not be allowed back into the country due to strict immigration laws.

"When we were in the recording studio singing 'I'll Be Home For Christmas,' we realised how sad it actually was with Jess's situation — waiting for residency for so long and not being able to spend a Christmas back at home in Australia for the past two years because of it," Gabriel, who directed the couple's music video for the song, explained. "While singing, the music video idea was born, and I had such a clear vision in my head of exactly how I wanted to story to be told."

Gabriel's vision for the music video features him and Jess singing to each other across a room, as photos of their family members light up the walls. Watch the video above, and if you can't get enough, you can stream Jess and Gabriel's "I'll Be Home" EP on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and more.

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