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Life-Size 2 Trailer

Tyra Banks Is Back and "Butter" Than Ever in the New Trailer For Life-Size 2

Your extra special friend Eve the Barbie is coming back to life in Life-Size 2. Tyra Banks reprises her role as the fun-loving, carefree doll, and it looks as if she's maintained the same charm that she had in the original 2000 movie. Although many fans of the first Life-Size were hoping for a Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks reunion, Banks will instead star alongside Grown-ish's Francia Raisa.

This time around, the film centres on a CEO named Grace (Raisa) who runs a toy company called Marathon Toys. As soon as the company begins to fail and Grace feels like she's way in over her head, her old doll Eve magically comes back to life to help her save Marathon Toys and get back on track. Oh, and she manages to slam down a serving of butter like she did in the first film. Watch Eve reawaken for a second go-around in the real world — and catch a few feelings for a new guy — in the trailer above before the movie premieres Dec. 2 on Freeform.

Image Source: Youtube user Entertainment Tonight
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