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Lizzie McGuire Quote Quiz

Throwback! Test Your Lizzie McGuire Memory With These Quotes — Who Said It?

Image source: Everett Collection

Remember the early '00s? Where Disney Channel original movies aired every Friday and a good hairstyle involved superstraight locks with a few random curls? I know I do, and one of my biggest role models was, of course, Lizzie McGuire. The Lizzie McGuire TV show aired from 2001 to 2004, and there was not one episode that my friends and I didn't watch.

If you were over-the-moon excited for the Aaron Carter Christmas special or resonated with Lizzie when she needed a bra, then yes, even 15 years later, we think you'll get these quotes correct. So what are you waiting for? Quiz yourself now to see how big of a Lizzie McGuire fan you are!

Read ahead to see if you remember who said each iconic quote!