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Love Island US Season 1 Cast

Love Island US Officially Has Its Starting Cast — Meet the 11 Singles Ready to Fight For Love

Love Island US Season 1 Cast
Image Source: CBS

Love Island is officially coming to the US, and we finally have our first 11 contestants! For those who aren't familiar with the reality show, a group of people are sent to a tropical island (Fiji in this case), where they live together in a huge mansion and search for love. Each week, they have to pair up or they risk elimination. New islanders continually arrive on the island, making the search to find (and keep) love even more complicated.

If you're a fan of Bachelor in Paradise and/or Big Brother, you'll definitely want to watch Love Island! To make matters even more complex, viewers also have a hand in what goes down every week thanks to the ability to vote people out of the house. That last pair standing will have the chance to win money — and hopefully have found true love! Comedian Arielle Vandenberg will host the show when it premieres on CBS on Tuesday, July 9. Check out our 11 starting contestants ahead, and wish them luck — their journey to love definitely won't be easy.

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