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This Throwback to Meghan Markle's Movie Career Will Make You Love Her Even More

We all know that Meghan Markle was an actress before she married Prince Harry, but she did quite a bit more than just play paralegal Rachel Zane on the TV drama Suits. Of course, that's her most famous role, but she also popped up in a few other TV shows and movies. And some scenes are particularly fun to watch if you haven't seen them before, like this clip of Meghan in the 2011 film Horrible Bosses, which starred Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Kevin Spacey.

In this throwback, filmed years before being a Duchess became her full-time gig, we get to see Meghan making an appearance in a scene with Jason Sudeikis. She delivers a package to the company his character works for, and he does his best to flirt with her by pulling out all the compliments, because she's "way too cute to be just a FedEx girl" (and yes — we're officially offended on behalf of all delivery workers). We can't help but have a wry smile, though, as he says she's got to be "an actress or a model or something." And her reaction is adorable. Once you've seen her cute facial expressions once, you'll want to watch this NSFW clip on repeat.

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