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Mission: Impossible Fallout Trailer

Tom Cruise Pulls Off an Ungodly Amount of Stunts in the New Mission: Impossible Trailer

You might want to buckle up before watching the trailer for Mission: Impossible — Fallout — it's that intense. Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt in the sixth instalment of the action franchise, and this time things are even more insane than ever. With a new enemy on the loose that threatens everything he holds dear, Hunt has to go above and beyond to save the world. This includes: jumping out of skyscrapers, being thrown off a cliff, getting punched through walls with a mustachioed Henry Cavill, hanging from a helicopter, and then getting smashed by a different helicopter. Is your adrenaline pumping yet? If not, watch the trailer again before Mission: Impossible — Fallout hits theatres on July 27.

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