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On My Block Season 1 Finale Reactions

Did On My Block's Finale Turn You Into a Puddle of Emotions, Too?

On My Block

Warning: Big spoilers for the season one finale of On My Block below! BIG!

Guys. Guys. Are you OK? Because after watching the final few minutes of Netflix's On My Block, I am most definitely not OK. Just when I thought season one was going to tie things up in a bow as perfect as the one on a quinceañera dress — Monse and Cesar showing off their relationship, Ruby finally kissing Olivia, Jamal finding the Roller World money — the episode ends with a bang. And not in a good way.

The unexpected conclusion to the excellent, hilarious, and diverse 10-episode season sees both Ruby and Olivia taking bullets meant for Cesar. The newfound lovebirds are shot by the same rival gang member Cesar was tasked with killing by Oscar in the previous episode (Cesar can't bring himself to take a life, and lets the guy go), and the last we see of them they're both gasping for breath as they bleed out on the ground at Olivia's quinceañera.

See what I mean about not being OK? What did we do to deserve this, Netflix?! The moment is downright gutting, and has new fans of the show desperately trying to sort out our emotions as we wait for news of season two (which has yet to be announced). If you're in need of a group therapy session, might I suggest turning to Twitter? Because you're definitely not the only one sobbing over Ruby and Olivia.

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