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Netflix Kingdom Trailer

Netflix's Kingdom Offers a Fresh (and Unsettling) Take on the Tired Zombie Apocalypse Genre

This week, Netflix dropped the trailer for Kingdom, one of their exciting new 2019 offerings that drops in January. The show takes us back to Korea's medieval Joseon period, but there's an unsettling twist: it seems a mysterious plague is spreading across the kingdom. The official synopsis says we'll follow a crown prince who has been "framed for treason" and "sets out on a journey to unveil what evil lurks in the dark" to save his people.

We've seen plenty of zombie media over the years, but it does feel flesh . . . I mean fresh to hearken back to a bygone era for the story. Everything will be different: the methods (and weapons) used for fighting the creatures, communications between civilizations, even the unique facets of historic Korean culture will bring in intriguing new points of view. Watch the trailer above to see how tensions rise, because we've got just over a month to prep for a different kind of zombie apocalypse. Kingdom drops on Jan. 25, 2019.

Image Source: Netflix
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