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The Nun Funny Makeup Tutorial

This Girl Got High Before Her The Nun Makeup Tutorial, and I Am Weeping Real Tears

Back in September, we beheld the horrors of The Nun, aka the "darkest chapter" in The Conjuring's expanding universe. Although our nights have been plagued with nightmares ever since, we've managed to find some levity that will keep us laughing through the rest of the spooky season. Brandi TV recently attempted a glorious makeup tutorial in an effort to channel The Nun's demonic entity, Valak . . . with the help of a few edibles. The result is an extremely hilarious and entertaining video that definitely has a few speed bumps along the way, including a swallowed blood capsule, a stray hair, and some very dry skin. This is right up there with Reddit's "sexy" version of The Nun, which also has us in stitches. Good luck haunting our nightmares now, Valak.

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