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Onward Movie Trailer

The First Teaser For Disney and Pixar's Onward Puts Magical Creatures in a Whole New Light

Disney and Pixar are tackling the world of magical creatures in the upcoming animated feature Onward, but if you were expecting elegant unicorns and majestic dragons soaring over lush green lands, you'll be in for a shock. The first teaser takes us into a more up-to-date magical world, where garden gnomes are gardening gnomes, mermaids chill out in inflatable pools, and trolls have come out from under the bridge to collect tolls in a slightly more modern way. It seems like Onward is set to be less of a fairy tale and more of an '80s buddy movie pastiche, with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt providing the voices for two teenage elf brothers who go on a quest to discover if there is still magic in the world. Watch the first teaser for yourself for a look at this fun magical world. The movie is set to hit cinemas in March 2020.

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