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Pose TV Show Soundtrack

The Best of the Best Songs You've Heard on FX's Pose (So Far)

Pose TV Show Soundtrack
Image Source: FX

Ryan Murphy's latest brilliant TV entry, Pose, has been igniting our TV screens all month long. With its dazzling and groundbreaking cast and the equally incredible minds behind it, the show is certainly setting itself up to be one of the major game changers in 2018, and we couldn't be more thrilled. But underneath all the extravagant costumes, brilliant acting, and tender stories, there's something very simple that's blowing us away on a week-to-week basis: that fiery soundtrack! We know you've been bopping your head to all the '80s classics that have been playing, so we decided to do you a solid and compile a list of the best songs featured so far. You're welcome, honey-darling.

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