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The Predator Trailer

The Spine-Chilling Trailer For The Predator Will Trigger All of Your Childhood Nightmares

They're baaaaaack! The first glimpse of The Predator, directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) is here, and you might want to watch it with the lights on. The fourth instalment in the series, which stars Sterling K. Brown, Jacob Tremblay, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, and Olivia Munn, finds the lethal hunters "stronger, smarter, and deadlier than ever before." Why? Because they're now genetically modified with DNA from other species. Will a crew of ex-soldiers and a science teacher be enough to stop the predators before they wipe out the human race? We'll find out when the movie hits cinemas on Sept. 14. Until then, watch the spine-chilling teaser trailer above — if you dare.

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