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Riverdale Flashback Episode "Dream Warriors" Music Video

The Cast of Riverdale Made a Flashback Music Video, and . . . It's a Lot, Guys

This week's episode of Riverdale is taking us back . . . way back. In a very special flashback episode, we're hearkening back to the time when all of the parents were just teenagers. The catch, of course, is that all the cast's mainstays will be playing their parents, which provides plenty of opportunities to ham it up. Suffice it to say Riverdale is taking the opportunity and running with it. We're talking extreme camp, people! And now, we have a music video to prove it!

Just ahead of the episode, The CW released a new music video, much like the "Anything Goes" speakeasy tune and the electrified "Jailhouse Rock" performance that came prior. This time, though, there's a veritable 12-foot submarine sandwich worth of ham; we're talking dorky dad dancing, mortifying mom moves, and all that cheesy '80s and '90s goodness that really made the end of the millennium a rolicking good time. I can't decided if I'm blissfully entertained or painfully embarrassed. Maybe it's both?

Image Source: The CW
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