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Robyn New Single "Missing U" 2018

Hello, I'm Weeping Real Tears Over Robyn's New Single

It has been eight long years since the release of Robyn's ecstatic pop masterpiece, Body Talk. Ever since, year after year, fans have (not so patiently) awaited the return of the Swedish pop queen. Finally, on August 1, we all got our wish. After the proper amount of foreplay (for lack of a better word), Robyn's new single, called "Missing U," has been unleashed unto the world. Suffice it to say, it's everything. It;s just as infused with emotion as her previous music, but fits perfectly in with the current state of music in 2018. Frankly, we're basking in the reality of the fact that none of your faves will ever be able to nail it this hard.

Earlier in the week, before Robyn dropped the single, she also released a new video dedicated to her fans. The mini documentary, as I'm keen to call it, is about a trio of friends who have been throwing a regular Robyn-themed dance party in Brooklyn. The party has since become a phenomenon, with people lining up around the block to cry on the dancefloor while Robyn blasts through the speakers. (Her songs are really emotional, OK?!) For a recent party, the purveyors in question asked patrons to leave voicemails for Robyn, and we watch as she listens to a choice few on camera. Then she goes to the f*cking Robyn party! It's a surprisingly emotional trip. Once you're done listening to her new single 938 times, check it out below.

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