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Will the Sons of Anarchy Stars Be on Mayans MC?

Yes! Sons of Anarchy Star Katey Sagal Will Appear on Mayans MC

SONS OF ANARCHY, (from left): Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam, 'Out', (Season 4, ep. 401, aired Sept. 6, 2011), 2008-. photo: Prashant Gupta /  FX / Courtesy: Everett Collection

From the moment the Sons of Anarchy spinoff series was announced, diehard fans like me had one very important question in mind: will our favourite characters appear on the new show, Mayans MC? Well, good news: creator Kurt Sutter revealed that there will definitely be some Sons of Anarchy "Easter eggs" in the show — and, yes, some of the Sons of Anarchy characters will appear on Mayans MC thanks to flashback scenes.

Which Sons of Anarchy Stars Will Be on Mayans MC?

Sutter hasn't shared too many details about who and what from Sons will make its way into the new series, but we won't have to wait too long to see a fan favourite appear on the spinoff! According to Entertainment Weekly, he recently told reporters at the Television Critics press tour that Katey Sagal will appear in the series premiere as Gemma on Sept. 4. "It's a flashback to eight years ago, and a way of letting us know that he's in Stockton where the two worlds will collide, at least in memory," he said.

Will Charlie Hunnam Make a Mayans MC Cameo?

Mayans MC is set in the aftermath of Sons of Anarchy, and the show centres around Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes (JD Pardo), a Mayans MC prospect. The two charters share a relationship, but as Sutter revealed to reporters, fans shouldn't expect the new characters to chat about Jax Teller. "I don't want to mess with that mythology," he explained. "That mythology can live in imagination. But flashbacks wouldn't be stepping on what is happening now."

OK, so they may not be sitting around talking about Jax, but it sounds like there may be room for a flashback moment. I can't help it — my hopes for a Charlie Hunnam cameo are officially VERY HIGH.

SONS OF ANARCHY, rear left: Tommy  Flanagan, foreground: Charlie Hunnam in 'Wolfsangel' (Season 6, Episode 4, aired October 1, 2013), 2008-, ph: Michael Becker/FX/courtesy Everett Collection

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Image Source: Everett Collection
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