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Steve Harrington in Stranger Things GIFs

14 GIFs That Will Make You Fall Even More in Love With Stranger Things' Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things GIFs
Image Source: Everett Collection

Who among us ever expected, way back in season one, that poufy-haired jock Steve Harrington would turn out to be one of the best parts of Stranger Things? But that's exactly what's happened, and three seasons in, we're head over heels for our favourite reformed idiot. He's journeyed from clueless bully to the exasperated dad friend of the whole crew, and we're so here for it. With the release of the third season, we're looking back at some of our favourite Steve moments over the years, from the very beginning to his latest role in the gang's adventures. Ahead are over a dozen moments that prove why Steve is seriously the best.

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