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Summer Movies on Netflix

Skip the Beach and Binge-Watch One of These 16 Summer Netflix Movies

Summer Movies on Netflix
Image Source: Netflix

OK, sure, there are the obvious things we get excited for when Summer rolls around: beach and park days, numerous trips to our local ice cream shop, and many over-the-top picnics with friends. But let's be honest, some Summer days (and nights!) are worth spending on the sofa, binge-watching a Summer-themed movie on Netflix with the fan turned up to the maximum. Why take a trip to the park for the seventh consecutive day in a row when you could vicariously live through someone else doing so on the big screen (sans the heat, sweat, or struggle to find a parking space)?

Scroll through for a binge-watcher's guide to the best Summer movies of 2019, including everything from romantic comedies and dramas to thrillers based on true stories. We promise, there are enough to get you through the entire Summer — you know, when it's just way too hot to make it out of the house.

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