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Surf Rock Cover of Britney Spears "Toxic"

This Is How "Toxic" Would Sound If Britney Spears Joined the Beach Boys

At present, you probably don't have an elaborate fantasy about Britney Spears collaborating with the Beach Boys and creating the perfect beach day album, but after you hear this surf-rock cover of "Toxic," you just might.

Performed by a badass, all-women band called The Surfrajettes, the unexpected — yet totally radical — take on the 2003 pop classic will have you ready to throw a pool party just for an excuse to share such a musical diamond-in-the-rough with friends. (Not to mention having some fun in the sun!) Plus, you'll feel like you fell into a time machine thanks to the retro-chic outfits, vintage hairstyles, and midcentury decor showcased in the music video.

The band doesn't even need singing to perfectly nail their interpretation of Britney Spears's "Toxic." Trust us, just press play on the video above!

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