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33 TV Shows Like Downton Abbey

33 Shows Like "Downton Abbey" to Watch When You Miss the Crawleys

33 TV Shows Like Downton Abbey
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When "Downton Abbey" first debuted, no one expected the lavish historical drama, brought from the UK to the US on PBS, to turn into a global phenomenon. But that's exactly what happened. For six seasons, we followed the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants as they loved, laughed, lost, fought, and sometimes even died (the third season was traumatic for us all, OK?).

Thanks to the devotion of fans everywhere, the series has even earned a big-screen revival for multiple movies. The first movie, continuing where the TV show left off, arrived in 2019, and a sequel, "Downton Abbey: A New Era," is hitting theaters now. This time, the Crawleys are encountering two new experiences: the French Riviera, where secrets of Violet's youth come to light, and the movie business, which brings a group of former silent-film stars to film a "talkie" at Downton.

Although the show earned much of its reputation for being glamorous, often-romantic escapism, it also took a little time to address more serious topics. Over the years, the story covered the start of modern warfare, the decline of aristocracy, the slow rise of women's rights and workers' rights, the start of the film industry, and much more. While still having a relatively narrow focus, it gave a peek at an era of immense change and hinted at much more going on that we didn't always get to see.

If you loved the splendor and drama of "Downton Abbey" (or are looking for something equally stylish but with a more critical lens), check out these shows for more family squabbles, historical drama, heart-stopping romance, class struggles, and much more.

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