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What Does Bachelorette Becca Do For a Living?

Bachelorette Becca Has a Pretty Cool Job, and It's Not as a "Dog Lover"

Becca Kufrin has gone through a lot on The Bachelor — you know with the dramatic season finale, and Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s mind games — but now she's finally getting to find love her own way as the newly dubbed star of The Bachelorette!

While we all know that Becca is from Prior Lake, MN, and currently resides in Minnesota, what exactly do we know about her career? Spoiler alert: she has a totally great job, but it's not outlandish like "Dog Lover," "Free Spirit," or even "WWE Diva in Training," and no, we're not making those up. Just take a trip down Bachelor memory lane and you'll be reminded that contestants really will list the strangest things as their so-called jobs.

Becca on the other hand has always said that she's a publicist and she's been telling the truth, which we really never doubted. That being said, her Bachelor bio literally only says "publicist," and we wanted to know more.

The good news is that her LinkedIn profile is much more in-depth and it shows that not only is Becca a publicist, but she's been a senior account executive at a company called Skyya for four years — she started out as an account executive for the same company back in 2012 after she graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Her degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations has definitely set her up to succeed at her PR job, and clearly she's excelled at her company, since she's been there for so long. According to her profile, Becca "mixes in charisma and commitment to understand both my agency and clients' business goals and continually strive to grow as an individual, team member and leader," and we believe every word she's said.

Some of her clients have included Unicorn Sleep, Foodee, Cobra Electronics and more getting exposure in big publications like Good Housekeeping, LA Times and USA Today. While Becca doesn't always share her work adventures on social media, her company does, and from the looks of the Skyya social pages, it's definitely a word hard, play hard environment.

The company, which has offices in both Minnesota and New York, breaks up their hard work, campaigns, and press events and trade shows with brewery outings, cooking classes, and fun client dinners. So, if this whole Bachelorette, finding love thing doesn't work out, at least Becca has an awesome job to go back to.

Image Source: ABC
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