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What Will Happen to April in Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

Why It Seems Like April Is Headed For a Breakdown on Grey's Anatomy


Grey's Anatomy has a lot going on lately, but what else is new? Miranda came back to work, Ben questioned his new job, Jackson and Maggie are being weird like always. But Maggie isn't the only person getting under Jackson's skin — April has the man visibly concerned. To be quite honest, she has all of us visibly concerned.

April's been having a rough go of it since the death of her ex-fiancé's wife, and we came up with some predictions on how April's story could end up playing out. So far, it seems like April is going down a destructive (kind of scary) path that has us worried a breakdown is in her future.

To recap, April is binge drinking and hooking up with an intern, and we watched in horror as interns referred to her as "The Party" in front of Jackson (who then makes that intern drain an abscess because hospitals have weird punishments). April even rejects Jackson when he asks if they can grab a bite to eat, because understandably he is a little bit worried (she is the mother of his child, after all). Arizona, being the girlfriend we all need, tells Jackson he's totally overreacting and just jealous and upset that April is having a good time. Are we proud of April for telling Jackson no? Kind of. Can we blame Jackson for being worried? No. Do we all need an Arizona in our life? Most definitely.

Arizona's opinion seems to change at the end of the episode, though, when we all see April standing on the bar drinking out of the bottle as the interns cheer her on. Even the scene of her using an IV when she's hungover — which is played for laughs — seems to indicate something more serious might be happening. It's all becoming a bit painful to watch, especially because April feels so much guilt for Karen's death. What started as April letting loose is becoming a spiral of what might turn into a possible alcohol addiction.

It seems our hopes that April would quickly come out of her hole of self-loathing are being dashed away, and we are going to have to suffer through watching her struggle to find herself again. Hopefully Arizona and Jackson will be able to pull April back from the edge, and she'll find her way into that beautiful warrior butterfly we're all hoping for.

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